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Take a Break

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Now that so many of us work from home, taking a break is all the more important in keeping true to that work/life balance.

It's not about prevarication, its about motivation. Planning a few moments of downtime is as important to a schedule as any other deadline. I sit down at my desk at 8.00 am

( hmm OK a bit later sometimes ) but know that at 11.00 am I will allow myself to stop for a coffee. It's a self-set target, a treat to aim for.

Not just any coffee but a mindful coffee. I took some convincing, but with a coffee aficionado in the family it is now all about the preparation and the presentation! No more instant coffee gulped from a mug at the side of my laptop but a lovely cafe experience away from my desk.

A favourite cup, a milk jug for one instead of a splosh from a plastic bottle, a ceramic bowl with fond memories - for a handful of biscuits ( yes they have to be included ), a cafetiere to celebrate freshly ground coffee and all presented to myself on a pretty painted wooden tray !

15 minutes well spent and it's happily back to work. ( Repeat in the afternoon with a handful of loose tea and of course a cake ! )

If you are lucky enough to live within striking distance of a local café - support it. Home working usually means working well into the evening and if a longer break balances your day and keeps your mind alert then its a win-win situation. Be warned though, my local cafes tempt with home made cakes, fresh pastries, cheese scones, brunch...oh why not stay for lunch ?

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