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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Working from home has taken on a whole new meaning and it's not just about internet connection and broadband speed. We have had to decide how and where to create a workspace, we have had to learn a different sort of discipline, to be productive and to stay motivated...and all the time keeping an eye on that work/life balance.

Not everyone has the luxury of a spare room that can be dedicated to a pop-up home office. So whether you are propping your laptop on a chest of drawers in your bedroom, spreading papers over the kitchen table, using the ironing board as the iconic makeshift desk or enjoying the luxury of the dining room table, it's up to you to set the scene.

Once you have resolved connecting all the gadgetry that we have all taken for granted in the workplace and once you have given careful thought ( you must! ) to the all important ergonomics that govern the height of our desks, the angle of our screens, the support of our office chairs and the level of the lighting - then you can turn your mind to how headspace and workspace dovetail together.

A room with a view will subconsciously keep you connected with the outside world so if that is possible set up your work surface close to a window so that you can enjoy fresh air when your brain needs a spritzer. Visit your local florist and treat yourselves to a fresh green plant or a little bunch of sweet smelling flowers to brighten your mood and your temporary desk - it will be good for them and good for you. Think about what you see when you look ahead over the top of your computer - is it that wall that you have never got round to repainting or the washing up by the sink. Or is it a bookshelf organised with all your favourite novels with their colourful spines creating a cheerful collage or a mantlepiece adorned with holiday snaps and cards from friends and family.

You might have to share your space - another household challenge to navigate when you have to concentrate on work! My son came home to work for a few months - a now normal contradiction in terms - and the issue of the bike in the living room loomed like a bad mood until we realised that it served a great purpose as a physical barrier between our two preciously guarded work spaces ! So much more original than the soundproofed panels that keep us in our box in an open plan office.

His thesis got written, my work space was preserved and the bike became a welcome part of the furniture. It's gone now and I rather miss all that it stood for.

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