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Out and about on foot

Updated: May 11

I am just starting on a new series on calm local walks, not too strenuous and not too long, but definitely with some highlights along the way. It’s more about finding what’s on your own doorstep than putting in the footwork for a travel guide.

There’s always something new to take in, even on a regular route. A planning application on a gate, a house for sale, an empty shop with the hopes of a new owner hidden behind a window white-out - if you're in the town. A church tower open to the public, a little table-top plant sale outside a cottage, the fresh earthworks of a badger sett - if you're in the countryside. A tide far out, a cafe just re-opened for the season, a brave group of early swimmers - if you're by the sea.

Give yourself a window of opportunity to take in the view. It’s not where you go but what you see. The days are longer, the sun is warmer and it’s a wonderful time of year for a walk on the quiet side.

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