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How I can help you
I am a freelance writer with a passion for finding the right words and the right tone of voice for my clients whatever the nature or size of their business. I approach a brief with empathy, understanding, and on the back of careful research.
I write content for websites, on and off-line PR and promotional materials, blogs and articles. Specialist topics include lifestyle, interior design, property, UK tourism and travel. I embed SEO keywords in my writing in order to engage with the required audience, am happy to work at short notice, and have no fear of deadlines!
I have written about property and places for the past 10 years and have recently completed a brief with a remit that required nationwide research and content.  My camera is a constant companion ensuring that the written word comes hand in hand with a visual image if that is required. All the location and interiors photography on the Places and Homes pages is my own.


I worked with Anna for many years in my last role as Head of Marketing and Communications in the travel industry. She writes with a certain eloquence that makes reading her stories a delight. Some writers fall into overuse of adjectives - a lazy way to describe, but Anna has always found a way to write about people, places and experiences that appeals to a wide audience in an imaginative and inspiring way. I hope to make use of her extensive experience in my own marketing company, not least because it is always a pleasure to speak with someone so caring and passionate who takes obvious pride in her work.

Katie Chown - Creative Director, KCM

Throughout the seven years in which Anna was our dedicated property manager of our cottage in Somerset, we found her to be the consummate professional, genuinely enthusiastic about our property, understanding what it meant to us, and always keen to deliver what we were looking for.  Through my own long-standing CBI career in customer service, I can recognise quality when I see it, and Anna never failed to disappoint.  We were particularly impressed by her eloquent and enticing written description of our cottage and its surroundings in the Quantocks, which reflected her own appreciation of our property and was always acknowledged as a true representation by visiting guests. Her talents also extended to photography, and photographs were regularly refreshed to provide a different take.  I wish her well in her new ventures - she will be a hard act to follow.

Sally Hannah

Mobile: 07739 350885
Email: annahamlyn1@gmail.com
LinkedIn: anna-hamlyn
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